Mezo - Daily Driver

  • Mezo - Daily Driver

We connected with painter Chris Mezo to create a new classic.

Chris is a Brooklyn-based artist who creates figurative art with a modern spin. He is aiming to blend culture, fashion, and NY aesthetics into his work.

"The Daily Driver" series is not just an homage to cool cars. The paintings are a way to encourage visualization. Think it, see it, do it... Achieve.

About the design:
The 911 is considered by many to be the ultimate playboy car. We love the way the lines flow, the simplicity, and of course, the speed. It's a tool, it's also the ultimate statement piece.

Printed on our blanks (ABB-001).
Cut and sewn, by us, here in Los Angeles.

12oz, 100% cotton.

IG: @mezo.ny

NOTE: Please allow 14 days for shipping :)